How to
File a Claim


What is secondary medical coverage?

Pre-Med Defender is supplemental, or secondary, medical insurance coverage that individuals use together with their primary care/major medical plan (typically a high-deductible health plan). Pre-Med Defender pays for things like deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Understanding the Two-Card System for Claims

Using Pre-Med Defender involves two forms of coverage and two different payer IDs. Members will have a separate ID card for each policy. When visiting a medical provider, they will present BOTH cards.


Primary Major Medical Plan


Pre-Med Defender Secondary Plan

Pre-Med Defender Claims Process

STEP 1: Provider files claim with the Primary Insurance Carrier

STEP 2: Provider files claim with the Secondary Insurance Carrier

STEP 3: Secondary Claims Are Then Paid Directly to the Provider

Have questions about claims?

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