Control Your Healthcare Costs Long-Term While Giving Your Employees Access to Quality, Affordable Benefits

Available to employer groups of 5 or more in approved states, Pre-Med Defender is a supplemental medical insurance plan that provides a simple and cost-effective solution for reducing your overall healthcare costs, while also ensuring that your employees have access to quality coverage that protects them from excessive out-of-pocket medical expenses.


Why Employers Choose Pre-Med Defender

Ability to lower your claims exposure by leveraging two insurance carriers


Achieve savings of 10-20% or more on premium costs


Provide quality, affordable coverage your employees can actually use


Seamless integration with existing Major Medical plan


White Glove Customer Service and Support


Looking for a Health Plan to Pair with Pre-Med Defender?

Introducing iOneMed™, a groundbreaking Level Funded Major Medical Plan that integrates everything into one simple, economical, and easy-to-manage solution. With iOneMed™, ONE ID CARD can be used for everything, including your pharmacy benefits.

To learn more, visit iOneMed.com

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