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Say HELLO to a Better Choice in Health Coverage

As healthcare costs continue to soar, many employer groups have transitioned to high-deductible health plans to reduce their overall healthcare spend. While this can be an effective savings strategy, it can also leave employees and their families financially at risk with out-of-pocket expenses they simply cannot afford to pay.

Pre-Med Defender is the Solution!


Can Help Save Employers 10-20% On Their Group Medical Premium


Reduces Employee’s Out-of-Pocket Expenses


 Comprehensive Benefits available for both Medical and Pharmacy

What is Pre-Med Defender?

Designed to be paired with a member’s Primary Medical policy, Pre-Med Defender is a group supplemental insurance plan that provides a simple way for employers to lower their healthcare costs, while also ensuring that employees have access to quality, affordable coverage that protects them from excessive out-of-pocket expenses.

What Can Pre-Med Defender Do for You?

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